The World order is based on sheer power, the three dogmas that support the system in place

The world order is simply based on power, power that is often brutal and ruthless. The history  also supports this very fact and not only the history of philosophers who loved peace and talked about the beauty of ancient art and poetry. Quite on the contrary, the art and poetry was being used to describe the military conquests predominantly the ones of the victors. The losers rarely get any mention and have no place in history, with rare exceptions. Over the course of history we have been a witness,  to nations and people disappearing along with whole civilizations. It is a process that is needed for the continuation of the mankind. The ones replace the others, the only thing that is changing is the technology of extermination, possibility  of a grab  of the natural resources, and the scale on which it is executed. Now we got to a place, where a relatively small state like North Korea can single handedly change the faith of the world. 

Power needs obedience, which can be always achieved in any time period in   three ways: first and foremost by money. It is the money that is the main motivating force to make people do things, most importantly for people to obey and follow the line.

The second factor is the religion, which always proves true, most interestingly the narrative of the ruling groups may change but the basics of governing stay constant. Possibly Egypt has been the record holder as far as usage of religion as a tool of governing is concerned, some couple of thousands of years. Christianity is only about two thousand years young and is already in crisis, that has originated from internal shortcomings. From other kinds of religion incredibly interesting is the Chinese experiment, which intends to replace religion with an ideology, is it going to succeed, it remains to be seen, because the system is colliding with consumerism. There is a third aspect  the sexual one. Some can be bought with sex and everything related to it  like procreation, sustenance of the family, etc. It is sad, that those are the only factors that the humanity  mostly craves for, but that is the reality.

It has always been like that, is, and will be in the future.

Only the Communism attempted to change this Status Quo, rejecting right out the religion and  money, plus bringing emancipation for women, which was a new way to define the operation of society. If it would have been possible to abandon the idea of family , maybe the experiment  would succeed, unfortunately the basic model prevailed, and no force or coercion could crush it.

It needs to be noticed that no system, no new idea was rejecting all three aspects that ruled the society at once. Therefore Communism was fought so fiercely and still is. What’s more, its correctness is being undermined, pointing to its terror, which it allegedly used as a reason to ban it altogether. One cam interpret it similarly  with the paradigm of the three dogmas, because the history is written by victors. But the truth is quite different, the point of view depends on where you sit. One does not need to write anymore, because it can be sometimes dangerous in our country nowadays.  Freedom of speech is gone now, if it was ever there? Because  freedom of speech is the enemy of the neo-liberal democracy, which is concentrating on consumerism, and not on philosophy, or on implementing of your own thought in things that matter. In those aspects societies are supposed to be subordinated, most desirably in the soft version accepting models and if that does not happen, then right propaganda and marketing will do the job to make sure that there is no alternative or a perceptive one. Then the choice leads to the same result.

So is there any other real alternative? The current direction the evolution of the civilization  is following does not praise what is noble and honourable, but  the elites only protect their gains by keeping masses hooked on pop-culture, subjecting them to religious fear and enslaving them any way possible. Then things started to be difficult, because the system of neo-liberal lie and enslavement is quite inefficient, and is constantly generating new crisis. Therefore they invented mixing of cultures, mass migration enhanced through failed we have to help them rhetoric  of multiculturalism, and on the other hand it is stimulated by the known argument 7,62 mm. It does not take much for masses to get on the move. The war is the ultimate allay of the elites and the rich.  If they ever worried about an external enemy, then equally important for them is the consolidation of ever more power in their hands. War is helping a lot in this respect, even a war against terrorism. There is always an explanation for restricting ones freedom, and that is what is being forced upon us over an over again.

Written by Krakauer and Translated by Kanadier. Tekst polski [tutaj].

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  • 10 października 2017 o 04:50

    Ten tekst jest wybitny… po prostu wybitny. Bardzo dziękuję.

    • 10 października 2017 o 06:00

      Zgadzam się to doskonały tekst, wybitnie otwierający oczy. Każdy powinien go przeczytać w polskiej wersji, a angielska jest doskonałą wizytówką polskiej inteligencji. T.A.

  • 10 października 2017 o 06:02

    To jest Pulitzer. Po prostu. Gdyby w Polsce istniało niezależne dziennikarstwo to pan Krakauer powinien dostać taką nagrodę, a pan tłumacz uznanie.

  • 10 października 2017 o 08:27

    Wersja w języku polskim – nie jest ‘aż taka wybitna”, gdzie tam
    do Pulitzera BO….”a angielska jest doskonałą wizytówką polskiej inteligencji. ” Co mi to przypomina? ….. Już wiem! 🙁
    “Kiedyś” ludzie inteligentni porozumiewali się po francusku,
    język polski ‘zastrzeżony” był dla nizin społecznych,chłopów…czyli wróciliśmy do punktu wyjścia z tą drobną różnicą że już nie
    “po francusku’ jako to onegdaj, a po angielsku”.
    A swoją drogą – czy wersja tekstu w języku rosyjskim zasłużyła by (sobie)
    w opinii kom. na podobny aplauz i nominacje
    Motto: …pawiem narodów byłaś i papugą…

    • 10 października 2017 o 16:31

      To doskonały tekst, autentycznie wyjątkowy. Autor prostym językiem tłumaczy proste sprawy. Tłumaczenie napoziomie nativ american english. Doskonała wizytówka Polski.

  • 10 października 2017 o 09:51

    World order is based on Anglommmmmmmm American power supported by military/industial coplex of neokons.


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