The West is finished

The West is finished. It is not a downfall, not a sunset either, not even a process. It is simply the end of it. Today we don’t have something like the western states, anymore, based on western values and principles. Donald Trump seems to understand that, and decided to be tough in his own neighborhood with all kinds of liberals, who led to the collapse of the western system of values, he who also treats Europe like a parasite. Everybody knows that the West was done already in year 1968, when that generation rebelled against the model of post-war society of prosperity, a generation that was brought up in that prosperity. Since that moment it was only getting worse.

And we are wondering that Europe let in over a million of migrants, who simply just walked in, and still keep on coming?

And we are also wondering that in European cities exist ghettos of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. They are the breeding grounds for all kinds of cultural and religious extremism. We were shocked when recently a center of Hamburg was burning for three days? These are visible signs of weakness of a sick human that the West became. Donald Trump not without a reason banned entrance to individuals from a number of countries, he knows what he is doing, which is to restrict inflow of the potential wannabe terrorists, who do not share the same values and beliefs with America. Who needs citizens like that?

Why do we need such fellow citizens here in Europe? If you are living in Europe and you created your own ghetto and you don’t want to integrate, that can be still understood, but if you are displaying acts of aggression, that however can not be tolerated anymore.

But today we have in Europe politicians and publicists who condone such acts. They believe it to be normal, claiming that those people have a right to act so. In spite of the fact that this is totally in contradiction with the values a democratic society, but when the values are not there any more, but just an illusion, that is purse brainwashing of citizens.

Consumerism is not able to replace those values, which can be visible in those foreign-cultural communities that have settled in Europe, adapting to their life, to the social system by collecting welfare. On one hand the number of native residents is on the decrease, on the other the foreigners are increasingly coming. They grab the economic gains and keep their own values and culture, living their old life just in a different place. Theoretically there is nothing wrong with that, but on a second thought it leads to an eradication of typical European values, which means that Europe will no longer be a Europe if things go on like that for much longer. That has been picked up by Victor Orban Hungarian premier and Jaroslaw Kaczynski leader of PIS (Law and Justice Party) and in the states Donald Trump. They have become the subject of criticism and opposition for their views.

The West is experiencing moral, demographic, economic, and social crisis and more importantly a crisis with its values. It is a direct result of abandoning and degrading the importance of religion in private and public life. This vacuum could not be filled with anything, as long as one does not come with an idea for a new way of functioning in a society. Hopes placed in technological development have proven fruitless thus far, because the technology develops much slower in particular the growth of capital dividends is much slower than the public expectations of standard of their living.  Marketing the new so called religion overtook the reality by so much that a lot of people believed in the fiction displayed on the screens of their smartphones. This fiction can really be captivating, but the brutal truth is different, pointing to the fact that only a few can allow themselves those luxuries.  It always was like that, but it needs to be mentioned again, that in socialism the gaps were way smaller between those have and have nots, like in Sweden or other RWPG (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) member countries.  Today observing the European Council we can not negate the fact that we are going back to central planing. In Japan an agreement between the government and business is functioning since WW2. In USA there is also no real free market economy in spite of the official claims, in the sense in which some want to impose it in Poland. You could try to open up a chain of supermarkets in France or in Germany for example, and you would learn right away how impossible that task is. Good luck to you. By now great many people are tired of this Status Quo we are dealing with, because it can be seen that it is leading nowhere, and we are going to seize to exist as a civilization. Donald Trump skillfully captured this in his speech in Warsaw. Even the comments in the mainstream western press seemed to have agreed with it, but instead of focusing on the aspect, the press deals with trivialities like what connections Mr. Trumps’ son has with Kremlin or the potential impeachment of President Trump?

It is very sad, that the last chance for the West to wake up is Mr. Trump, and over here in our country Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczynski. But this is the reality, it is people like that that are democratically governing today.

It does not make any sense to ask if the West can be still saved, because it is already too late, what is finished is finished. Now the task at hand for all of us is to rebuild its fundamentals, structures and functioning of western communities. We just need an idea to be able to put our resources together and put our differences aside, and go for it.

What we had thus far, is not working anymore. The concept of multiculturalism has failed and is leading the West to self-annihilation, it is like a cancer.  There will be no more return to the traditional values with the leading role of the religion now and will not be in the future either.  There will be a progressing secularization spreading to other countries.  Even the masses that have been stupefied politically and corrupted by consumerism and fulled with so called “freedom” realize by now, that the politicians are mostly corrupted, dishonest, money and power hungry and quite often stupid. People can only swallow so much before they revolt. It becomes visible, that people are beginning to wake up in spite of the triumph of the neo-liberal agenda disguised by someone like Mr. Macron in France. For now it seems like we are caught in between rock and a hard place, and  the pressure put on us is  constantly rising, and it remains to be seem what comes next. The present situation looks more like the one when Constantinople fell. Soon something has to give, and return to what we consider as normality may not be possible any more, on the contrary a revolt will take place in order to shed the cancerous like cells, and total overhaul will follow.

The sooner this  happens the better, even at a price of  violent uprisings and the necessity of engagement of a foreign and enemy elements, it is worth to endure, we only need smart leaders.  Because there is no general security at present in Europe anymore anyway, we have to remember that behind the corner Fascism is lurking. But that is not the point.

Written by Krakauer and Translated by Kanadier. Tekst polski [tutaj]. Russian version [link].

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  • 21 października 2017 o 10:27

    Very true statesment “The West is finished. It is not a downfall, not a sunset either, not even a process. It is simply the end of it.” Neokon economic doctrine and aggresion of the military/policment compleks of the AngloZionist mafia will be nail to coffin.

  • 21 października 2017 o 15:45

    Totally disagree, Americans are fighters.

  • 20 czerwca 2018 o 22:51

    A few minor errors, but my main objection is the following statement:

    “It [the crisis in the West] is a direct result of abandoning and degrading the importance of religion in private and public life.”

    Whose abandoning and whose degrading? And what religion? Would abandoning an eco-friendly religion like that of Polish Pagans also have the same result? (I am not being entirely facetious: there are religions, and there are … religions.)

    The author merely touches upon some complex problems by offering a few tired and safe generalities and platitudes. One of these complex problems is what Ellul called “technique,” the technological slavery as a result of uncontrolled technological development. But such a serious problem is now a universal problem, not just in the West.

    Another is the continued impact of primitive, Jewish religious mythology (called Christianity) upon Western civilization. In Poland, the problem is so bad that nobody seems to want to address it, although it was once very ably discussed by Jan Stachniuk.


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