The crisis of the neoliberal model of socio-economic development is going to destroy our civilization

The impending crisis of the neo-liberal model of socio-economic development is going to be the demise of our civilization, unless Mr. Trump decapitates the head of this Leviatan. Only the president of the richest country in the world is capable to put a stop to what this country started. Globalization in the neo-liberal version is evil. It destroys economies, impoverishes the middle class, the poor become poorer, and rich become richer. This system makes no sense,  it did not succeed. The western nations that become rich on it function only because working Chinese, or selling row materials Russians and Arabs  respect their worthless debt, virtual money being printed limitlessly.

This condition will not last for ever, because not everyone is a sucker and they know very well, that the West is cheating.

However, there is seemingly a bunch of countries that are naive enough to fool themselves in order to integrate with the West at any cost no matter what the consequences would be, even at the cost of selling themselves and their citizens to the devil.   But those are only a small number of states willing to become colonies  in Eastern and Middle Europe.

Please take a note, that where there are people that are still using their brains, like in the South Korea or in Taiwan, despite of being heavily dependent on USA,  they were still able to build well prospering and strong states. States that possess good technology and ability to produce own brands or be monopolies for other brands.

The fact that the neo-liberals lied multiple times to their societies  is  even grossly exceeding the Communist!

That what happened, also in the West, because exploitation effects everyone, is unprecedented in the history of the world. Most strange is the fact, that Communism as well as neo-liberalism fooled people for the same ides of a good life. However Communism delivered the promised hope, it  delivered the results for many that were suffering economically because of the capitalists. That was too much and therefore they destroyed the system, and it has to be pointed out, that  unfortunately not much of an afford was needed, because the masses sadly did not appreciate what they were given by Socialism.

The societies in the West are slowly beginning gradually to understand, that the socio-economic model in which their jobs were outsourced to Asia, and today they are forced to welcome people from the entire world and pay for their living, in spite of the fact that there is no work like before, is failing. The same is true for the countries of  Middle an Eastern Europe which joined the EU later. That their workers are taking away the jobs of the Westerners is nothing in comparison with the way that Western companies dominated  eastern markets. Moreover they provide so few jobs and so low paid, that after almost 30 years of transformation and development it is more profitable  to clean the toilets  in Germany than to be employed as a public worker or a teacher in Poland.  Situation in which 4 Euro per hour in Poland or Hungary on which ones has to survive, in comparison to 24 Euro in Germany  can go on for too long.

It is not the fault of the people, because to blame is the system invented by shrewd crooks and their supporters. All that was justified by the victory over Communism, but surprisingly they were silent about China.  Here we have an example of a country that combined communist-centralized governing with capitalist organization of production and most probably achieved the greatest success in a modern history.  What has been achieved in China thanks to retaining Communism should be a huge lesson in humility for all the states of former USSR and RWPG (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance). One could have changed the existing system in a different way, so that people are not rubbed of their dignity and could be thriving on. A system in which the only chance for your success is one in which you have to be subservient slave to foreigners and their capital and the carrier  to be made is just a step higher than outsourcing is degrading to any human. As a consequence children are not being born because we are dealing with a lost generation , those are the real victims of the  so called transformation.

Neo-liberal proponents are not saying nothing about the future.  They still regard a free market, growing immigration of different cultural background,  as well as low wages and exploitation as the new  normal.  What is even more troubling is that the neo-liberal  dogmas totally  exclude any other ways of thinking. One cannot be objective in matters of society and economy, when you are supportive of the big  neo-liberal lie at the same time. The last indicator of the state of the situation is the reproduction rate. The present functioning model in the West is clearly failing. It is visible even in the USA, where the whites that created the nation are becoming over time the minority.

There is one conclusion- the neo-liberal lie is an absolute evil, because it always promotes a better living conditions for the rich and well to do only at the expense of the rest. And not only that, they even expect that the rest of the society submits to this motto and if they can’t afford food, medication, to have children or to accumulate capital then that is just too bad. That is the simplest explanation of the situation. Especially cruel, is saying that the unfortunates could have  acquired a better education, and all kinds of other nonsense like that. May be they could have, if they have been given the chance to, but they have not been given one.  That is exactly why Socialism is better, if even less effective. Life in constant poverty for the masses is going to destroy the life as we know it, and the future generation will not even be able to afford the Chinese electronic gadgets.

Written by Krakauer and Translated by Kanadier. Tekst polski [tutaj]. Russian translation [link]

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