Russia, President Vladimir Putin and the World – Russia and the World (part 1)

graf. red.Times have passed when President Putin has been boycotted almost all over the world. During the G20 meeting in 2014, which took place in Australia, the President sat alone at the breakfast table. At that time the image of the president tried to save the Prime Minister of Australia by sitting down at the table for a small chat, which did not prevent President Vladimir Putin from leaving the meeting earlier.

Years passed and Russia slowly found new “friends”, among them the China (People’s Republic of China), Turkey and Iran. It managed to warm significantly relations with the Gulf States, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Saying that previous relations with these Arab states were icy was too delicate.

Considering the loss of good relations with highly developed countries such as the United States or Western European countries, the exchange of “friends” could have been described as saying “the uncle exchanged his hatchet for a stick”. Only that it was two or three years ago.

The last G20 meeting in Osaka has shown a decline in Russia’s isolation on the international scene. Probably the topic of Crimea and Donbas has not disappeared completely during Putin’s meetings with leaders of other countries, especially the leaders of Western Europe, but this is no longer a reason to confront, but rather to work out a solution to problems.

In Osaka, no significant agreement was officially reached. The only significant events were the meeting of the President of the United States with President Putin and Prime Minister of China, Xi Jinping. There were other meetings in Osaka although the future composition of the most important players, who will sit at a table called the world’s political arena, was clearly outlined. They will be the leaders of three countries – the United States, China and Russia. In this group there will be a place for Russia despite the weakness of its economy. A different factor will prevail – the rise of its military might.

There is a high probability that Chancellor Merkel, representative of the third largest global economy, will fight for the fourth place at the table. Only that her presence among the future quarterback is not yet exaggerated. The composition of the main playmakers is important, because sooner than later a new meeting similar to that which took place in 1944 in Bretton Woods should be reached in order to improve the rules of the international monetary system. We should care for the new “Yalta”, if only for our borders to be finally recognized.

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