Different conclusions of two nations that survived genocide

It is amazing how different can conclusions be in a reaction to a stimulus.  But if we don’t wonder about differences between single people, then in a case of groups of people, especially nations, we feel quite opposite. Differences in perceptions towards experiencing stimulus or drawing conclusions can be shockingly different.

On the day of the anniversary of the creation of Warsaw Ghetto it is worth to remember the common fate of our two nations of Poland who as a polish society were to be exterminated by the occupants. We know from the historical documents, that Jews as well as Poles, they were supposed to cease existing as people. The Jews however were being treated somewhat harsher. They had no right to live, therefore they were being exterminated brutally and in huge numbers. The Poles after the upper classes of them were eliminated, were brought down to a status of beaten and subservient slave-like people without any right to voice their opinions. And finally after we served the purpose, we were supposed to be taken care of.  

Our nation was threatened by biological extermination, and based on some estimates  of  German archive documents, in the 70 ties there would be only a few millions of us around, as farmers , that were relocated several times to get the places conquered  next, ready for German exploitation. Generally the fate of Poles as a biological substance was decided. The occupation with all of its awful consequences like mass murder, mistreatment, torture and all other kinds of prosecution, left a visible mark on our society. It is still noticeable even today, and will be so for many more years in the future. There is barely a family in Poland that did not loose somebody in the war.

Taking into consideration those experiences our two nations draw diametrically different conclusions from the fact that they were the subject of somebody else’s politics. Jews created their own state, that is prospering well and growing, Jewish state is a technological powerhouse and a military hegemon in its own region. Against all odds, against their neighbours, and against even some Jewish opponents, because not all Jews were for the creation of Israel and its continuing existence.

But it succeeded in the end. Israel exists and in spite of some internal contradictions and problems that  really exist, is a wonder on earth, a proof that when there is a will and with hard work and good planning, it is possible to create a sovereign state that can survive against great odds. What is more, Jews have demonstrated that one can govern a state in such a way that it can have a bright future and that in spite of total militarization, it still provides its citizens with relatively high standard of living. It needs to be said, that Jews created their state almost in a desert environment where the natural conditions don’t spoil them rotten. In spite of numerous conflicts already that still continue, they persevered and will thrive in the future economically and politically as well, because the Jewish state can count on their allies like the USA.

The Poles on the other hand as it needs to be said, have drawn no conclusions from the past and dramas they went through and carry on like before. There is no such thing in Poland like the continuation of thinking of state and national interests. The people that govern the country now are either inept or unqualified or crooked. Lack of own ideas and initiatives cannot be blamed all the time on others like in the case of accusing the Russians or USSR for everything, what they should be doing instead is expressing big gratitude for the liberation, because it is very highly probable that if it was not for the Red Army they would not be alive, those cynic and ungrateful people.

As during the time of PRP (The Polish People’s Republic) there was still some sense of planning, coordination and cohesion among the society, then after 1989 all of that went out the window. One can’t really say anything positive about how the country is being governed today. The emotionally-historic divide among the Poles totally effects the politics today, there is no dialog, because it is just impossible. This is evidently the fault of the current politicians, who could not introduce a common project for Poland as a result of some greater necessary national consensus.

Thoughtless striving for western structures that has been stopped by those governing now proved to be fruitless. Poland is beginning to withdraw itself from military European structures, and in economic and political deals plays a secondary role only. Has anyone noticed any discussion about it though in any of the mainstream press? Has anyone heard or seen politicians traveling throughout the country talking to the people? Over the last 25 years Poles were being told that they have to love the West unconditionally, which led to the situation in which we are expected to support uninvited guests, with which the West because of its faulty politics can’t deal. At the same time  we are being constantly reminded about all the help we received through the European assistance programs, but there is utter silence about the fact of draining of Polish economy by Western corporations that pay their income taxes abroad (often in tax haven countries). To top this up, we experienced a failure on the military front as well, where we have no security guarantees, and we are being at the same time pitted against the Russians, telling us that they are the enemies. And once again, at the same time the West does everything to intensify its economic ties with the Russian Federation.

In the end, it was achieved that through some sort of a PR and influence on public opinion, that the Poles seem to believe that they have reconciled with the children and grandchildren  of Nazi killers, who wanted to exterminate them physically, and today are portrayed as their friends, investors and allies.

On the other hand the society has been led to believe by persistent brainwashing and defaming, false propaganda that the children and grandchildren of their liberators are the aggressors that want to do anything and everything to take away their sovereignty.    This is totally unbelievable when we realize with which distortion of truth we are dealing, in the case of our former allies from the 2 WW. The fact that the true role of the UK and USA at the end of the war is not being brought to light says a lot about our current condition.  Our elites are unable to deal with the truth about our situation, because the conclusions would be shocking and disgraceful.  Remember that the foreign passport before the war as well as now is the most precious trophy of the current Polish elites. 

As a consequence what we have is a weak country, of poor people, with no vision for the future, there is even no discourse about the presence. We are drowning in matters dealing with moral past and history that has no relevance for the state today.  We cannot be even compared remotely to Israel, even if we wanted to, in any category, especially in the modern ones like innovation, etc. It is quite shocking, but if we were to compare the strength of our states, GDP of Israel was ca. 304 billion USD and per capita 37.000, for the year 2014. GDP of Poland for the same year was 460 billion USD and only 13.000 per capita. Why is it that they can be sovereign with the help of technology, military and allegedly nuclear arsenal, and we cannot?

The conclusions are clear, the Jews performed a miracle, from the subject of genocide they transformed themselves into the subject of international law, and one of world leaders, a powerful player in their region. On top of all that they can secure their future, feed themselves and have security guaranteed by the US and their nuclear deterrent.  If that was not enough everyone wants to deal with them because of what they have to offer in the fields of technology and other goods. The Poles rebuild the country from rubble up after the 2WW and then after the industrialization was only worse.

 60 years on we got to a point where capital had no nationality, but for Poles “jaws” at the stadium were a luxury. Even despite favourable conditions, we could not create a strong agricultural sector, which would be the engine and a testimony of our know-how for our economy. How is it possible that in our country has so much gone wrong?  How is it possible that the establishment in our country is excluding any way of possible success?

Poles and Jews both survived the attempt of extermination targeted on them. The Jews obviously drew the right conclusions from their experiences and took the right steps. Poles? They are pushing out of the public awareness and right out denying the fact, that they owe the Red Army their survival.

Eternal memory of the Jewish heroes should live forever! By the way, it is really sad that even after the tragic experiences from  the drama of the Ghetto the polish leadership of the underground could not draw the right conclusions as to the fate of Warsaw uprising. 

Written by Krakauer and Translated by Kanadier. Tekst polski [tutaj]. Russian translation [link]

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  • 27 października 2017 o 18:53

    Hmm. Zauważyłem nie tylko zmianę grafiki – w tekstach coś też nie hallo!!
    No, BO wychodzimy z wersji anglo.. Different conclusions of two nations that survived genocide.na tekst polski – nie współgra…
    temat “Zachód się skończył” “idę na ‘po russki”, tiema :Различие выводов, сделанных двумя нациями, пережившими геноцид.
    Wniosek: Grafika nie współgra, dlatego że temat źródłowy jest z innej beczki, kiszone jest coś innego w polskiej i pozostałych.


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    My brother recommended I might like this website. He
    was totally right. This post actually made my day.


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