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21 lutego 2019

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Swiss Democracy – Chance for Other Countries?

Swiss Democracy – Chance for Other Countries? The Institutional and Historical Determinants of the Swiss Political System 1.1. The Beginnings of the Swiss Statehood The history of Switzerland is undoubtedly the key to understanding the country’s political system and the mechanisms of its institutions. The historical development of the Swiss political system is characterized by

The crisis of the neoliberal model of socio-economic development is going to destroy our civilization

The impending crisis of the neo-liberal model of socio-economic development is going to be the demise of our civilization, unless Mr. Trump decapitates the head of this Leviatan. Only the president of the richest country in the world is capable to put a stop to what this country started. Globalization in the neo-liberal version is

The West is finished

The West is finished. It is not a downfall, not a sunset either, not even a process. It is simply the end of it. Today we don’t have something like the western states, anymore, based on western values and principles. Donald Trump seems to understand that, and decided to be tough in his own neighborhood

The current foreign policy of Germany degrades the whole of European Union to an existential role only

Due to the present foreign policy of Germany the European Union is playing only a marginal role in world’s affairs these days. Germany assumed the sole leadership of the entire Union ripping all the economic and political gains (kind of like during the times of Bismarck), but with the benefit of saving on protection costs.

Lufthansa Technik and GE have chosen Poland as the location for their new investment

Modern technologies and world-class solutions:   XEOS, a joint venture of GE Aviation and Lufthansa Technik, will build a state- of-the-art aircraft engine service centre. Valued at apx. €250 mln. the investment will boost the economic development of the region and create about 500 jobs. The location of the new investment was announced on Monday,

West’s failed Russia take-over

The West has a sense of strange and wholly unjustified superiority over Russia and the Russians. Unfortunately it can also be found among a sizable portion of Poland’s elites which, due to their inability to think independently, are susceptible to propaganda and emotions and infect the society with malevolent stereotypes and hatred. Unfortunately, contemporary Russophobia

CEEP calls to the European Commission for reforms of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

The EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) puts thousands of jobs in the steel, chemical, fertilizer, and refining sectors at serious risk. Europe is losing its global competitiveness, when compared to other industrialised countries, as well as emerging powers. That is why Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP) has called upon the European Commission to reform the

EU’s winter package is a chance to boost energy infrastructure and raise the level of LNG supplies in Europe

The European Commission presented, on Tuesday, a proposal of new regulations aiming to strengthen the EU’s energy security. Brussels wants to put more emphasis on the development of energy infrastructure, based on a policy that is co-ordinated at both the EU and regional levels. Experts from Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP) argue that it is

The free movement of energy resources as the fifth fundamental freedom in Europe

In Europe, the two key words of the year were: “Energy Union”. According to Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP), Europe has laid foundations for the legal and regulatory system, aimed at harmonising energy networks across borders. At the same time, significant investment efforts were conducted, in order to expand transmission infrastructure and eliminate some of

We stand a chance of revolutionising the Central European energy sector

The energy sector in Central Europe is at the cusp of a significant geopolitical breakthrough. “With new infrastructure that is integrating the region and opening it up for the global sources of energy supplies, we stand the chance of integrating the whole continent, providing it with strategic security and enhancing  industry’s competitiveness,” argued Paweł Olechnowicz,

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